Tnjri Tree

Tnjri is a huge plane tree with 2028 years of history. It belongs to the Platanaceae family and is located near Skhtorashen village in Artsakh's Varanda province. The surface of its hollow is 44 sq.m. and it is believed to fit more than 100 people. As the hollow has several entrances it can fit even a horseman. The circumference is 27 meters and the height is more than 54 mete
rs, and the shadow reaches 1400 square meters. Tnjri is bigger than the trees on Kos island in the Aegean Sea or the trees in the Turquoise canyon near Ashgabad. According to folk stories, many famous Armenian have visited this tree such as Mesrop Mashtots, Movses Khorenatsi, Movses Kaghankatvatsi, Sayat­Nova, Raffi and Levon. It is believed that Mesrop Mashtots, the
creator of the Armenian alphabet, has passed by Tnjri on his way to Amaras, where he established a school and gave a start to Armenian writings. First time Tnjri received a passport in 1900s. At that time the tree was guarded. During Soviet times it received another passport as the oldest and the tallest tree on USSR's territory. NKR's government has recently again granted
Tnjri with a passport where the age of the tree – 2000 years old – is marked in the age field. People of Artsakh and tourists love Tnjri which has already become a pilgrimage site. Under the tree there is a cold source that has fed it for many centuries. Experts say that the tree needs 4.5 tonnes of water every day. The source is also used to operate nearby watermills. It a
s built by Skhtorashen's citizens.