Vankasar Church

Vanqasar church was built in the 7 of a cross with a dome in the middle. Masters who built Vankasar left marks on all of its stones; many of them are in Armenian. There are Armenian inscriptions on the walls of the church that earlier used to be cross­stones. During Azerbaijani rule one of the cross­stones was taken to Aghdam; today it stands in the courtyard of Askeran
church. A cross­shaped ornament could be seen earlier on the lintel of the western entrance, however it was scratched off by Azerbaijanis. In 1970s they renovated the church and completely changed its original appearance. According to the locals, Azerbaijanis tried to turn the 7 A shell damaged Vankasar church during the Artsakh Liberation War weakening its walls. They w
ere later fixed by the Artsakh diocese. th century on top of Vankasar mountain. The monastery was built in form